Chemeast (Product Name) MTT Product Code Product Identitication
Alkaline HD 25F
00053 Strongly alkaline, water-based degreaser.
Alkamild C
00051 Mildly alkaline, water-based degreaser.
Alkarb A1
00054 Alkaline-boosted, water-based solvent degreaser.
Ultrasonic Alkaline
00017 Strongly alkaline, water-based cleaner for ultrasonic tanks.
Water-based Degreaser
00057 Mild alkaline, water-based degreaser.
Degreaser GP
00022 General purpose, solvent-based degreaser.
Coal Tar Cleaner
00052 Heavy-duty, solvent-based degreaser.
Alubrite R
00012R Strong acid cleaner for stainless steel and aluminium.
CB-600 Pickling Liquid
00011 Strong acid pickling agent for stainless steel.
CB-800 Passivating Liquid
00015 Strong acid passivating agent for stainless steel.
Pickling Gel
00023 Strong acid pickling gel for stainless steel.
00037 Safe, peroxide-based passivating agent for stainless steel.
Floorust 50
00058 Sequestering agent for removal of rust stains on tiled flooring.
Descalant HD
00021 Strong acid descaling agent.
Descalant OF
00060 Strong acid descaling agent also for non-ferrous metals.
00055 Nitrite-based cooling water treatment compound.

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