Metal Treatment Technology (S) PL undertakes chemical cleaning work and manufactures and sell a wide range of cleaning and maintenance products. Established since 1996 in Singapore and serves the ASEAN market for specialised maintenance and pre-opearitonl chemical cleaning requirements.


Sabsco Asia, specializing in air and steam blowing, was born of the need of the Solarca Group to penetrate in trade and commercial relations with the Asian market. In 2006 began as a commercial representation of Sabsco UK in Asia and since July 2010 has established itself as a separate company within the Solarca Group. The offices are located in Singapore, which has become a geographically offering guarantees to foreign investors. The location also allows Solarca Group to be close to emerging countries like China and India along with Malaysia and Indonesia.

Both companies are now combined as of 2017 and offering all the services of the Solarca Group as a single entity.

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Reference list in SouthEast Asia and India
Reference list in Malaysia

Industrial Chemical Cleaning
A service offered in our workshop, throughout Singapore, and World-Wide.
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Chemical Products The CHEMEAST™ range of chemical products is available for purchase, throughout Singapore, and World-Wide.

Cargo Tank Passivation
Chemical Cleaning, Pickling and Full Re-Passivation of stainless steel Marine Cargo Tanks.
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Dry-Ice Blasting
The safe way to remove surface deposits from moulding tools without chemical action, abrasion or damage.
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