Table II: Technical Specification

Noise levels measured 1m above and behind the nozzle exit range from 106 dB(A) at 5.5 bar for the TV250 to 125 dB(A) for the UV750 at 9.5 bar. The actual noise levels generated by the equipment in use will depend on many local factors and care must be taken to provide all exposed personnel with adequate protection. Our most important current R & D project is an extensive university linked programme to reduce the noise generated by the dry ice blasting process.

TV250/LR/45 long reach nozzle with diffuser angled at 45 degrees

Blast Unit
Dimensions L x W x H 770 x 490 x 700 mm
Dry ice hopper capacity 20kg
Dry ice feed rate 20 - 60 kg/h
Compressed air connection 1" BSP
Weight empty 55kg
Standard Hoses:  
Air supply hose 25mm NB x 10 m

TV250/ TV500 /TV750 standard interlocking straight nozzle

Blast hose assembly with:  
Air hose and 25mmNB x5m
Ice hose sheathed together 19 mm NB x 5 m
Maximum Working Pressures:  
Compressed air hoses 16 bar
Dry ice hose 3.5bar
Blast unit 15 bar
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