The Equipment and Operating Requirements

The Clean Surface System 2000 Dry Ice Blaster is a pneumatic low maintenance dual hose unit that can be fitted with a full range of blast nozzle configurations selected from either the TV or UV range. All nozzles operate with air pressures ranging from 4 to 10 bar, and for most applications 30-35 kg/h of 3mm diameter dry ice pellets will provide optimal cleaning. The equipment is supplied ready for immediate use with all necessary connecting hoses and ancillary equipment.

For general work requiring only short periods of cleaning, e.g. plastic moulding tools or hot aluminium diecasting dies, the compressed air can be taken from the factory ring main, typically fed from a standard 7 bar compressor. The system must be able to supply a minimum of 3 m3/min (105 cfm) dry air without pressure loss, but for tougher applications it may be necessary to use a higher volume of 7 bar air, or to upgrade to a high pressure/high volume system.


The most common nozzle sizes and operating conditions are listed in Table I below together with cleaning times for a standard test plate. For applications requiring longer cleaning periods where times need to be kept to a minimum it is important to consider the high pressure option as the extra capital outlay for a compressor upgrade can often be justified by considerable savings in operator costs and downtime.

If the factory system cannot provide sufficient air volume a mobile diesel driven compressor can be used. Mobile compressors must always be fitted with an aftercooler and water separator or dryer package to prevent the formation of water ice in the system as this will first cause some abrasion and then block the dry ice flow.

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