The Typical Applications

Gravity aluminium die coating removal at 300°C


In-situ mould and tool cleaning for many products including metal castings, food, plastic, rubber, composites, etc. as well as maintenance of the moulding machine and surrounding area.

Removal of end of run deposits, process spillage, airborne deposits, grease etc. from production units or sensitive equipment.


Preparation for jointing processes to remove dirt or anti- wetting films before soldering, brazing, welding or the application of adhesives. Also removal of spatter from the process jigs and surrounding equipment.

Removal of unwanted surface coatings including paints, glues, protective films etc, as well as flux removal from PCB assemblies.


Removing chipboard glue off an endless steel band

Rubber O-ring mould before & after cleaning




Decontamination of components exposed to radiation.

Refurbishment of machinery prior to resale, especially complex printing equipment.

Renovation of old brickwork, hardwood beams, etc. and removal of smoke damage.

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